In pursuit of the missing King... ゲーム画像

Fain, the main character, takes on Princess Lumiere's request, and heads for some ruins, in search of King Haron, who has suddenly disappeared. Opening the never-before-opened door to the ruins, Fain and his comrades are sucked into a vortex of fate.

The steampunk-style RPG Onigo Hunter is now available, featuring ancient ruins full of mysteries, item fortifying using monsters, and a whole range of achievements to complete!
Become a hunter, solve the mysteries, and face whatever trials await you...

Aim to become the best hunter in the world

Hunters can increase their rank by completing quests from the Guild.
As your rank goes up, new quests become available, and you will become able to cross to the islands scattered across the world. Your Energy maximum will increase, too.

ONP (Onigo Points)

ONP (Onigo Points) are used at a special shop where you can buy status-up items, powerful hunting items, and precious items not available anywhere else. ONP can be obtained as an in-app purchase, but are also gained every three battles.