Fire monsters!

In battles, apart from attacks, there are also skills to capture monsters. Using the Zenolith, captured monsters can be fired during battles. Firing a monster changes allies' elements, and can strengthen element resistance, etc. Also, if a weapons' applied element is the same as the changed element, effects may be launched, for example to increase the weapon's attack strength, etc. Make good use of the Zenolith to increase your advantages in battle!

Increase your fighting strength through fortifying!

Monsters captured in traps and by skills can be combined in an Energy Alchemy Device, and fortified into items and equipment.
Depending on the type and number of the monsters used, the quality of the finished product varies.
Try different combinations to make your fighting strength as powerful as it can be!

Change your equipment to change how you view the world!

Equipment obtained from shops or Creation Pots, or by fortifying, does not only assist the character using it. It can also change the way your characters appear.
You can also customize weapons, to add applied effects and make attack strength more powerful.