Combos & Trust Charges img
As the story progresses, the party will learn to combine magic and skills in order to create original combos. These can be arranged in any way as long as they do not exceed the cost to use them. In addition, when the Trust Gauge (found along the lower left of the battle screen) reaches 100%, powerful, individual skills known as a Trust Charges can be unleashed. However, be aware that due to Trust Charges involving Harvey's particular abilities, if he is incapacitated prior to one being used, it will fail.
Lucile comes with the characteristic ability to learn both magic and skills from allies and enemies alike when they are used on her. Magic or skills which target the initiator, however, cannot be learned. That is, unless they are taught to her by certain individuals.
Craft the Ultimate Weapon
Through the process of upgrading, weapons in the inventory can have both their levels and attack power increased. What is more, support effects that cause abnormal status, increase parameters, and even restore HP can be attached to them! With all this freedom to customize, players are able to take their favorite weapons and turn them into a force to be reckoned with!