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The young mage Jasper has long lived alone reading books all day.
Being tired of the conflicts and plunder taking place in the outside society, he was determined to live alone in peace for the rest of his live in a mountaintop cottage.
However, one day he starts to live for the others unwillingly to repay a favour, and as he uses the knowledge gained through his bookworm days and experiences many battles, he faces new strange feelings growing inside his heart...

With a plot full of twists and turns, Unlucky Mage will have gamers on their toes trying to outsmart foes using formations and tactics in this unique turn-based RPG! Now get ready to sally forth with Jasper as he goes from zero to hero in this comical adventure that is sure to delight fans of fantasy RPGs everywhere!

In the towns across the world, there are people in need of Jasper's help.
If you help them to solve their problems, they will reward you with useful items for the adventure.
There's even an elder searching for people to build a village!
Sometimes looking for new villagers can be hard work, but there might be someone interested among the people you have helped!