A full-scale Strategy RPG which demands a wide range of strategies!
Leck, the main character of the story, and his friends Miana and Astar are engaged in field training with the other trainee soldiers. Suddenly, it is decided that they will accompany the Hero of the Kingdom of Legna, General Varrius, and the Azure Hawk Brigade which he leads, on a mission to suppress the bandits...

The full-scale Strategy RPG 'Legna Tactica' is now available!

Direct your characters, each with their own personalities, and make use of tactics to get through the time of upheavals in which the story is set!

Your choices can change destinies!
There are a number of points in the story where you have to make a decision.
Do you rescue a girl you've never seen before, or do you abandon her? Do you trust a friend who's now standing against you, or not?
Your decisions can change the fate of the characters. Will you be able to walk the path to true peace?