Combat begins when you come into contact with the enemy.
During combat, the characters will follow the commands you have entered, the quickest character moving first.
Some actions can take some time, so when deciding your characters' next actions, it's a good idea to pay attention to the positions of the icons representing allies and enemies (shown above the characters' names).

Combinations and breaks
In combat, when allies attack the same enemy in succession, a combination occurs.
By making use of a combination, you can launch hugely more powerful attacks than would normally be possible.
Enemies can also make use of combinations, so pay attention, or you might find your characters suffering unimaginable damage!

Also, during combat, when the 'Break gauge' (at the bottom-right of each character's status information) reaches 100, you can choose to interrupt the combat with an action from a character who is not yet involved in the combat. You can use this to generate combinations more easily, to block combinations from enemies, or in a range of other ways. It's up to you to find the most effective way of making use of this function!

You can buy equipment at the blacksmith's, and you can also make equipment.
Making equipment is a little more expensive than buying it normally, but the merit points are higher than with normal equipment, and to an extent you can allocate the merit points how you want.
To make the most powerful equipment sometimes requires special materials, but this equipment can sometimes have special properties.

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