ACADEMY シリウス アルデバラン スピカ エルナト ミモザ
pic アルマ化 スピカ スピカ
  • Sirius
    Teacher Water Sorcerer Sirius

    Weapon: Estoc

    A kind and gentle magic teacher.
    The homeroom teacher for the rank one class that Spica belongs to.

    • Uniform
    • Almacation
    Rank One Fire Sorcerer Spica

    Weapon: Staff

    Cheerful and energetic.
    She tends to rush forward too eagerly, though!

    • Uniform

    • Almacation

    • Uniform
    • Almacation
    Rank One Wind Sorcerer Mimosa

    Weapon: Chainsaw

    The daughter of a well-known company's president.
    She may behave elegantly, but she secretly admires being a bit of a 'bad girl'.

    • Uniform

    • Almacation

    • Uniform
    • Almacation
    Rank Two Earth Sorcerer Elnatt

    Weapon: Cannon

    She loves eating above all else, and all her motivation leads to 'food'.

    • Uniform

    • Almacation

    • Plain Clothes
    • Almacation
    ??? Mysterious Sorcerer Snow

    Weapon: ???

    A cold and cool-headed girl.
    She seems to be observing Spica and the others, but...?

    • Plain Clothes

    • Almacation

  • Aldebaran
    Principal Aldebaran

    The top of the Academy that oversees everything.
    She continues to run the Academy following the past policies.

『ロスト化』 世界を冒険しているとイロを失った風景が広がっている事も

Through your adventures, you'll encounter many people and truths.
They might be slightly different from what you learned in class...?

Growth System

魔方陣 星盤

Various elements to foster the magical girls! In addition to normal level-ups, there are mechanisms for enhancing the entire party with the Star Array, strengthening weapons through equipment strengthen, and more.

Town Shops

Various shops, from magic goods stores to greengrocers and fishmongers, are scattered throughout the world. You can also purchase items, so make sure to visit when you're in town.

Thawing Chamber

Thaw the mysterious ice that yields items over time and obtain plenty of items.