Bounty Centers provide up-to-date information on active bounties.
Each comes with valuable rewards! Rewards also scale with the magnitude of the bounty!
Be sure to prepare well in advance.
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    A region that attracts people who want to profit from the diamonds formed by the meteor impact.
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    ▼Death Prison

    A prison that is said to be inaccessible until four lives are committed.
    What does it mean to commit four lives?
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    A town governed by the son of Ganador, the leader of the Revolution that took down the Empire.
    Its standard of living is higher than anywhere else in the world.
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    The source of life. Also used as an energy source to fuel golems.
    Negative emotion corrupts Edea and brings rise to savage monsters.
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    Machine vehicles powered by Edea.
    Although rare, there are also half-flesh golems that are golems created using living creatures.
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    ▼Dernie Empire

    An empire that once ruled the world with the power of Edea and golems.
    The Dernie Empire ruled through fear, but collapsed as a result of Serene's Descent.
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    ▼Serene's Descent

    Serene's Descent was an incident in which one of the two moons and numerous meteors fell from the sky.
    This cataclysm caused devastation throughout the world, starting with the Empire itself.
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    Communes are autonomous communities that arose around the world after Serene's Descent. They vary greatly in scale and advancement in civilization.
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    ▼Bounty Hunters

    Bounty Hunters earn gold by hunting criminals and monsters.
    Bounty Hunters that utilize golems in their work are referred to as Bounty Golems.