As a shinobi, Akane has the ability to combine items, and unleash a variety of special attacks in battle!

By equipping spirits, sub-elementals can be leveled up, and magic can be learned based on their elementals. Spirits also make it possible for powerful skills called "Trust Charges" that can turn the tide of battlefield to be used.

Rings that can be equipped as accessories are also able to be synthesized and upgraded. These can be used to enhance parameters or add completely new effects as the party sees fit.

Depending on how he responds to his female counterparts, Vyse can build relationships of trust with them. Moreover, by growing closer to them, who knows what the future will hold...?

Packed with all the usual content fans of the series have come to expect—the battle arena where Maidame Curie runs the show, a weapon upgrade system used to enhance the party's weapons of choice, and levels that go all the way up to 999—players can enjoy the world of Asdivine to their heart's content!