Solve the mystery by recruiting all 88 Citizens!

Citizens of Earth AND Citizens of Space each have 44 unique characters that can be recruited. Complete their quests, leverage their special abilities, and recruit all 88 across both timelines to solve the ultimate mystery!

Enjoy two stories at the same time!

Citizens of Earth AND Citizens of Space are completely different games.
However, this time these two separated games have united with brand-new elements that can be enjoyed by going back and forth between the two titles, with your actions in one game influencing the other to unlock a linked story and uncover special items.
Enjoy them at the same time to experience a brand-new way of playing RPGs!

An RPG jam-packed with features!

Every Citizen has their own ability and talent.
Change the encounter rate with enemies, have items delivered to you in the middle of battle, or even adjust the speed of time in the game! Dozens of unique abilities await you to color your adventure!

Full voice acting!

The full voice acting breathes life into the hilarious characters!
(Voice acting is supported only in English, and can be turned OFF.)

  • Can I take over the save data of Citizens of Earth and Citizens of Space released by other publishers on same/other platforms? ▼

    No, you can't.
  • Can I use my mouse on PC? ▼

    No, you can't. Unfortunately, the mouse can be used to select choices in the game menu, but cannot be used for other controls.
  • Loading the save data doesn't let me return to my previous save location. ▼

    It's intentional that the player character returns to a predetermined location in the saved area.
  • It doesn't start on PC. ▼

    Please check if your system meets the minimum system requirements specified on the store page. Even if you meet the requirements, sometimes there may be incompatibility between the software and the hardware. A demo is available, so we recommend to download the demo first to check the compatibility before buying the full game. Updating the driver of your graphics card may also help to solve the issue.
  • The Librarian disappeared from the library. Where is the Librarian? ▼

    Please check if you already have the Librarian in your party.
  • How do I consult keyboard inputs? ▼

    Citizens of Earth
    Citizens of Space

    Confirm: z
    Return: x
    Change era: backspace
    Open the menu: ESC