METRO QUESTER is a dungeon exploration RPG based in a post-apocalyptic futuristic world created by the manga artist Kazushi Hagiwara, with a deep game system desgined by Hironori Kato that offers the excitement and surprises reminiscent of 1980s computer games through hack and slash.

Featuring 24 characters and 8 classes, enjoyable combo skills, numerous customizable weapons, a bestiary, and features like NEW GAME+ for replayability, it offers plenty of depth for dedicated gamers.

Year 20XX—

A deadly virus is spreading from a certain country.
As if by design, natural disasters have been occurring across the globe.
The world is in a state of disarray...

The air is polluted. All water is stagnant.
To have any chance at living, it has become necessary to possess special "aptitudes".

Horrifying creatures have emerged from underground.

Human civilization has all but collapsed entirely.

Under the broken sky, dive into the ruins of civilization—dungeons—to
"search" for something key to the survival of humanity.

They are a handful of people who have survived in this abandoned world.

Dungeon Exploration

Explore the desolate dungeons of TOKYO using auto-mapping. Within the dungeon, there are breakable walls, creature nests, spots with food and resources, as well as vaults awaiting adventurers. Obtain "Purification Fuel" for action and "food" for survival, while discovering new bases and allies, aiming for the deepest part.

Hack and Slash

The dungeon is overflowing with opportunities to acquire a wide variety of equipment. Sometimes they will drop from defeated enemies, or can be found in safes. If you're lucky, you may come across rare equipment. It's up to you whether you want to use these equipment to challenge formidable foes, modify and strengthen them, or disassemble them for resources.


Within one turn, you can select up to three commands as long as your Action Points (AP) allow. However, since enemies also take multiple actions in one turn, it's a layered system of battles where one turn can overlap with several others. By carefully assessing the expected turn order displayed on the battle screen and the Hate values that make you more likely to be targeted by enemies, you can plan targeted combos and skill combinations. Effective Hate control can help you efficiently manage the commands of tank and attacker roles.