Guidelines with regards to Fan Activities
Gameplay Videos and Streaming

KEMCO appreciates your continuous support. We are very happy and thankful to all the activities that help us spread our works and liven up them.

Recently, we have noticed there are many live activities such as posting our games’ gameplay videos on video hosting websites/social networks or streaming them, and we are proud to see people enjoying them in different ways.
However, for some games, gameplay videos or streaming might have the risk to become a spoiler which loses other people’s enjoyment or affects the value of the game itself, and hence affecting the overall creation of future games.

In order to prevent any such negative influence and to provide a safer experience for further enjoyment on fan activities, we have decided not to prohibit them, but to place a certain restriction.
We believe this will make a mutual benefit for both fans and KEMCO just with minor attention and heed. We appreciate your support and understanding.
General Policies
Gameplay videos or streaming of the entire game content is prohibited.
Approximately, between the one-third and the half part of the entire game may indicatively be tolerated.

The way of editing and announcement/publishing must not include any defamation or affect the brand value of KEMCO or its product.
(e.g. editing the content in an inappropriate manner, disclosing excessive spoiler outside the tolerated content, including any slanderous defamation towards third parties, editing, posting or publishing ending scenes, cinematic and/or movie cutscenes, etc.)
List of the titles that these guidelines apply
These guidelines shall apply to the following titles. Titles not included in the list are prohibited to be posted on video hosting websites or social networks and streamed on live streaming services.

※This list will be updated (title addition and deletion) as needed. Please consult the latest guidelines first before the start of your activity. Should any title be removed from the list, please refrain from capturing the corresponding game content and remove any related video or content previously published.
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Titles with specific guidelines
Some titles' upload/streaming limits are more specifically defined as follows:

Titles with separate guidelines
For the following titles, separate guidelines shall be applied.


■Nice Disc

■Horrific Xanatorium

Titles available only in Japan, or in Japanese
With regards to the titles that are only available in Japan or only in Japanese, there might be more specific and strict guidelines applying to them in the Japanese version of these guidelines, which shall take precedence.
Important Notes