Masia Year 193.
The emerging Lenoir Empire is at war with its neighbor Hubirt.

The war began due to a conflict over the mining rights of "Elementite", a rare metal that contains long lasting "magic power".
Hubirt was expected to win by sheer numbers, but the Empire held their ground, turning the war into a hopeless mess.
With no foreseeable end to the war, the domestic affairs of both countries started to suffer.

In those hard times, a soldier in Lenoir's Imperial Army shot and killed a Unicornian girl, a native of the area.

When the Empire was established, Unicornians should have been freed from their slave status.
However, the Empire could not get rid of discrimination, and decided to cover the guilty soldier.
The Unicornians were in an outrage over this incident.
While simply protesting, the Imperial Army used armed force to suppress the Unicornians.

When news of this reached the Prince "Yuri", he tried to stop his father before there
were any more deaths. For this, the Emperor confined Yuri.

When "Oswald", the leader of the Unicornians, hears about this, he decides to form the "Freedom Fighters" in order to achieve true liberty.
They have declared war against the Lenoir Empire, fighting for their freedom.

The Lenoir Empire now faces another threat...a civil war.


Lead your characters in battle with standard commands.
Turns are shown on the right with facial icons, so you can strategize your moves ahead of time. When the AP gauge next to a character's stats reaches 100%, they can use their equipped arms.
You can also configure what each character does in a battle when on Auto in the menu.
This makes your life easier while exploring the vast world.


When you get a tank, you can embark/disembark it on the field or in battles.
Attacking with a tank requires the use of energy, shown on the bottom of the screen.
You can't attack unless you have enough energy, so time your decisions and use the Charge command to recover energy in battle.
You can also customize your tank with parts to reinforce attack capabilities and performance.


Each character must choose a class which affects the weapons they can equip, the skills they can learn, and their stats.
Each class also has passive abilities that are always activated, so consider the benefits when forming your party and change classes as you wish. You can change classes whenever you want at Mission HQ.