Mistral Year 1287

The world is approaching its destruction
at the hands of Azatoth, the origin of chaos.

The Goddess cherishes the world, and together with the Keeper of Time,
finds and guides the one worthy to be a true Peacekeeper.

The Peacekeeper is entrusted with the hopes of the Goddess and all humanity.

He dares to defy fate with his friends and allies.

But his courage is not enough to stand up to Azatoth.

The world meets its demise.

The Goddess, Keeper of Time, and Peacekeeper remain alive...

All this happened during the 2nd Age.

The world is reborn after an eternity of time,
and the history of the 3rd Age begins.

Mistral Year 1286

Thoughts, emotions, and feelings intertwine as a new story
is written in the book of history.

The hero of this reborn world is named Ein, and he leads a carefree life together with his friends Elena and Lynn.
But one day, Elena disappears from his life.
Lynn sets out to search for the missing Elena, and finds her after several years. The true story begins here.