Beyond the Gates of Time, there is a past.
A past that so many people want to get back...

The Houra God, who created this world and everything in it, also made another world: the Chronus World.
The Chronus World is identical to this one, but there, time is stopped.
The Houra God separated the two worlds with the Gates of Time.

Once every ten years, the two worlds were compared, and the better world was stored, exactly as it was, in the other world.
This process continued over countless ages, and because of it, the world developed well.

But even Gods are not perfect.
As he approached death, the Houra God wanted the development of his world to continue.
So that the Chronus World did not hinder the growth and development of the current world, he smashed into pieces the Chronus Energy, the energy that allowed the Chronus World to be saved to the present.

Now, though, a battle is brewing over the Chronus Energy, the energy that allows the past to be brought back from the Chronus World, brought back to the present...