In battles, companions can join forces with another companion or a buddy to form a team. The character in the sub position supports the character in the main position by amplifying their actions and conducting additional attacks. What is more, certain effects are magnified and powerful unisons become available when specific characters are paired together!

These special skills are learned from different NPCs the party encounters during their adventure. Shared skills are as the name suggest, skills shared between all party members. After being used, they cannot be used by another character until the cool time is up. Among these skills are also unique ones which strength and effects change depending on who uses them.

The Secret House consists of 6 rooms that can be used for the following:
★ Planters - Seeds are sown in these, which mature into parameter-increasing fruit.
★ Doors - Available buddies are dispatched on jobs through these to earn rewards for the party.
★ Stands - Available buddies are placed on these to extend various effects to the party in battle.
※ Each of these can be swapped out at will when they become available.