While using an orthodox battle system, fight dynamic battles where characters use transformations to utilize different abilities and unleash bursts of massive damage. Customized weapons can also help lead you to countless victories.

Transformations offer several styles that has different status buffs and skills. For example, a Knight has strong attack skills while a Healer specializes in recovery skills. Transformations do not take up a turn, so adapt to each situation with the right style.
However, the limiter gauge will fill up while transformed and performing actions, causing a character to go berserk when it is maxed out.
While berserked, characters cannot be controlled, but their attack will increase proportionately to their limiter size, making it another viable strategy.

Although gold is a scarce pick up from enemies, the chance to attain weapons is increased in this title. Powerful weapons can also be acquired from chests and Armament Spring, an Ethereal Est labyrinth.
Utilizing weapons in different ways is the key as they can be sold for gold, reinforced, or disassembled for parts to reinforce other weapons.