Adventurers should be fully prepared to face some of the strongest monsters.

Exert your superiority by equipping the best items,
raising your level, making full use of your skills and using formations to your advantage.

Each class possesses different skills
for use in combat.
For example, Fighters are well-balanced,
Knights are great for defense and
Wizards come with powerful magic abilities.
Go wild with the classes you like best!

Each character has a maximum of six passive skill slots.
You can even use passive skills from other classes,
so there is huge potential for interesting combinations.

Focus 100% on attack power or include some gathering bonuses...
How you build your characters is up to you.

Formations allow for
a variety of strategies.
Choose whether to keep your
squishy Wizard in the rear or
use your tanky Knight to protect
your party according to your playstyle.

All of your party members can gain blessings
from their faiths which alter their statuses.

Choosing faiths with blessings that suit each of your
characters' classes is key.

It is possible to upgrade your
crafted equipment.

By fitting equipment with runes,
you can further increase its power and effectiveness.