What is the KEMCO Email Newsletter for Smartphones?

You'll get the latest smartphone information from KEMCO delivered free of charge, once or twice a month, to the email address you register. (Emails will be in HTML format.)
Details of the newest games for Android? or iOS, consoles, sales info, and other news you won't want to miss! There might also be exclusive news for Email Newsletter subscribers!

Note: the Email Newsletter is designed to be delivered to smartphones. If you receive the Magazine on a PC, you might not be able to access the URLs for services, etc., shown in the text, so we recommend registering with an email address you can access from your smartphone.

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Email Newsletter Enquiries/FAQ

Please use this contact form if you have any questions or enquiries about the Email Newsletter.

If you are experiencing problems with the service, please include as many details as possible in your email (the device you are using, the specific problems you are experiencing, etc.).

Q.I sent a blank email, but I've not received any reply.

A.If you have set restrictions on incoming email, as part of measures against spam, etc., then in certain cases you may not be able to receive email from us. If you block incoming mail based on domain names, please set your email client to accept email from 'kemco.jp'. If you do not receive an email from us within 30 minutes of sending a blank email, please contact us using the link above.

Q.What should I do if I want to change my email address?

A.If you change your email address, please unsubscribe from the Email Newsletter using your old email address, and then re-subscribe using your new email address. If you have already changed your email address before unsubscribing, please send us an email stating that you wish to unsubscribe, and detailing the email address that you wish to be unsubscribed.