How to Play

Smoothly Animated Dynamic Battles
Smooth animation and dramatic voice effects bring the characters' battle scenes to life.
There are huge numbers of enemies trying to stop your progress. Some of them even have parts which are destroyed when they are damaged beyond a certain level. For example, an enemy might be clad in formidable armor to begin with, but if that armor is destroyed, the enemy's appearance changes and defense ability drops… but on the other hand, the enemy's movements might become swifter.
Don't ignore these changes- use them to alter the battle situation to your advantage!

Unleash Powerful Finishing Moves!
Unleash Powerful Finishing Moves!
When the gauge on the right-hand side of the screen fills up, you can use incredibly powerful Finishing Moves. Don't miss the special effects, either!
Use Finishing Moves as your trump cards, to completely reverse the course of a battle and overcome even the worst situation you find yourself in!

Customize Weapons and Statuses!
Customize Weapons and Statuses!
The characters' weapons are each made up of parts, and by combining these parts, you can change attack strength, not to mention the magic and skills the characters can use.
What's more, by reinforcing weapons at a Weapon Shop, you can upgrade the weapons to be much more powerful than they originally were.
In addition, by assigning Merit Points on the Status screen, you can strengthen different statuses as you want. Even after assigning Merit Points, you can reassign them, so it's a good idea to adjust how you assign Merit Points, depending on the enemies you're coming up against.

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