Elemental Stones turn the tide of battle!

Equipping elemental stones will allow you to learn skills that will aid you in battle. They can also be found in the field and equipped/removed during battle.
Experiment with different combinations and use them effectively in battle to emerge victorious. Stones also allow you a detailed glimpse of beautifully drawn enemies and backgrounds.

Unleash your hidden potential with Potential Bits!

Defeat bosses and open blue treasure chests to acquire PB (Potential Bits) that you can equip on any character for a higher rare item drop rate, damage reduction, and other powerful benefits.
Points are shared by all party members, so work hard to strengthen the key character with PB.

An expanded world to explore!

The adventure does not end when you learn the truth of the world.
Players can play through several post-clear scenarios that feature new dungeons and weapons/armor.
Clearing the game once leads to an expanded world and another truth to uncover.