When Hearts Cross, the Wheels of Fate Begin to Turn
  • An epic story that spans over 40 hours of gameplay!
  • Set out on an adventure with a trio of heroines!
  • Interact with Harvey and his companions and watch their relationship blossom or wilt!
  • A stand-alone title in the Asdivine series with no connection to previous entries!
After Harvey, a member of a band of outlaws known as the Watchers, is arrested while attempting to loot the chancellor's mansion, he finds himself locked up in the dungeon.
There, he strikes up a conversation with a young woman who appears to be in similar straits, but to his surprise, she tells him she is none other than the Princess of the very castle in which they are being held.
Not quite believing her tale, yet unable to leave her behind, Harvey assists her in escaping in an effort to find out if she is really not the impostor she is accused of being, or if he is just being taken for a ride...