Get Creative in Battle!
The world of Asdivine can be both a beautiful and dangerous place. Monsters also come in a host of varieties and will stand in the party's path at every turn; some with skills that might threaten your party. At times like this, it will require the ability to think outside the box if your party hopes to emerge victorious in battle. Luckily, with dynamic abilities and equipment made increasingly available to the party during the course of the adventure, your capacity to stand up against enemies will also increase!

Create the Ultimate Weapon!

During the game, there will be opportunities to obtain a variety of useful weapons. Synthesizing these can not only strengthen them, but also increase various effect values. Plus, with the freedom to add or remove effects as desired and transfer values from one weapon to another, players are able to customize their own ultimate weapon!


"Unisons" are what is created when two characters combine either two skills or two types of magic to produce new and more powerful effects. From situational to just plain destructive, there is a unison for every situation, leaving players with a strategic arsenal at their disposal to deal with the strongest of foes!

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