Intense 3D battles!

Shifting camera angles and voiced characters are just a few of the new features that make battles more engaging than ever before!
And with beautifully rendered graphics and vibrant Energi and Break Skills, players will never tire of being bloated with such a visual feast!

Roaming the land are also monsters so powerful that if come upon unprepared, players will face certain doom! In order to gain the upperhand in such battles, it will require the use of combos and overkills through an unrelenting barrage of Energi and Break Skills.

Unleash powerful skills and crush the enemy!
Unleash powerful skills and crush the enemy!
Energi and Break Skills are at one's command through the use of EP.
Energi has various effects based on the elementals of fire, water, and light that come from the life force of the planet. Break Skills are individual skills based on a character's parameters and their specialized weapon.

Each character comands a main energi elemental, while sub-elementals can also be learned. By combining these various elementals, new and more powerful energi can be learned and used to wipe the floor with the ever stronger waves of enemies!

Powerful combo attacks hold the key to victory!
Powerful combo attacks hold the key to victory!
Those characters not in the current battle party can cooperate with them in various ways through the use of Assists. Depending on the combination of submembers, attack, defense and other parameters like the critical rate can be increased.

Moreover, when the Assist Gauge has been maxed out, powerful combo attacks can be unleashed with their help.

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