Strategy is the difference between victory and defeat!
Maps feature geographical and structural differences in height.
Victory conditions will be displayed prior to the start of a battle, with battles ending as soon as the conditions have been met.
Consider height differences and each character's range of movement as you carefully craft a strategy that will allow you to win the day.

Work together to defeat enemies!

Allies within two spaces of each other can unleash a Combo Attack if both of them have SP of 50% or higher.
The more SP consumed, the more powerful the attack you're able to unleash.
When a Combo Attack is performed, a spectacular cut-in featuring both of the characters will be shown.
Beware, however, that the range of this attack is entirely dependent upon the weapons of the characters performing it.

Classes and abilities

Only one class will be available to you in the beginning, but as you raise your class level, more classes will become available to you.
Equip up to three abilities onto each character to ensure that you're sending your strongest possible party into the field.

Expand the village

The village that will serve as your base is able to develop items and equipment for you. Researching will allow for the development of stronger and better items.
You can hire allies at the village guild and dispatch them to find the materials needed for further development.
You can also take on Quests offered by villagers. Take them up on their offers if you're feeling up to the task at hand.
Expanding the village will be of great help to you on your journey.

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