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Name  ESCAPE - from Castle Orochi -
Genre  ADV
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Lit by the full moon, a single ninja
runs swiftly through the wilderness
towards Castle Orochi.

While guarding the princess to Edo Castle,
she was kidnapped in a sudden raid.

Following the kidnappers' trail,
the hero traces everything back to
Castle Orochi...
also known as the castle of no return.

This mysterious castle is said to hold
the remnants of a defeated ninja clan.
With countless traps laid out, no one has
ever stepped foot in and made it back out.

Can this loyal servant save the princess
and make it out of Castle Orochi alive?
As the protagonist hired to guard the princess, you must enter Castle Orochi to save the abducted princess. No one has ever returned after entering this mysterious castle.
Solve the puzzles, overcome traps, and defeat all foes to save the princess and escape!
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In-Game Screen
【1】 Menu
Opens the menu view.
【2】 Cursor Field
Shows the selected cursor format.
【3】 Item Field
Obtained items are displayed here.
Tap to open the item menu, and view item details by tapping the move icons to switch between items. You can combine similar items from the detail screen, and select and use items for certain parts (keys/locks) of rooms.
【4】 Cursor (or Lantern)
Move with the directional buttons, and investigate with the confirm button.
【5】 Message Window
Messages are displayed here.
【6】 Move Icon
Point of view shifts with the direction pressed.
There may be one screen that does not display these icons depending on the part.
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Escape Hints
The first step to escaping is to search and investigate all the nooks and crannies of a room.
Looking into the same places more than once could lead to new discoveries.
There may be items you obtain that are not related to escaping, but can affect your mission success rate, so keep that in mind. Can you complete your mission to save the princess...?
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Cursor Select Function
You can switch between cursors anytime during gameplay.
Arrows will appear anywhere you touch - (4 way) cursors to select spots by drag & drop, and a cursor to pull/move by dragging the arrow. Investigation is made easy with these 5 cursors.
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