The Kingdom of Eleftheria and the Empire of Valteniaーtwo nations that had fought for different ideals in countless wars over the centuries.
15 years ago after a brief ceasefire, another clash erupted, and the Empire injected their new-type robots into the fight.
Nonetheless, due to an unexpected turn of events, these two powers were forced to cooperate, and fight against the very weaponry the Empire had created or face the extinction of the entire human race…
After a bitter campaign and suffering heavy losses, the humans finally achieved victory. And in order to prevent such a tragedy from happening again, Eleftheria and Valtenia were reconciled, thus forming an alliance which lead to worldwide peace.
Alas, however, as the passage of time causes historic events and their significance to dim in the minds of the people, so was it in the case of the Empire as evil purposes once again began to surface, and threatened to drag the world into another maelstrom of chaos and bloodshed…

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