Fighting is an orthodox command entry style.
According to the characteristics of weapons which are currently wielded and the enemy’s attributes, release the most effective attack.
Also, the smooth animation of enemies during combat is? a must see!

Each skill can be gained by setting it in a slot on the? Machina Board.
As with jobs, skill levels can be increased by consuming SP.
Also, by combining the valuable spiritual stones, sometimes you can receive additional effects such as additional damage to enemies and additional support. Try combining stones in various ways.

At the town or village blacksmith, you can strengthen your items by bringing in materials and the Tome of Manufacturing, or receive materials by disassembling unneeded items.
Also, some items will be raised to a higher level through strengthening.
Materials become available by searching collection points in dungeons or defeating enemies.
Tomes of Manufacturing can be found by checking treasure boxes and book shelves.

Additional Elements
Additional Elements
In a Smart Phone version, many additional elements such as a new dungeon in a mysterious ruin as well as new items! Further adventures unfold!

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