About the Game

This is a world where Golems are of great help to humans. These Golems run on Edea, the source of life.
There has been a series of mysterious incidents, dubbed 'Edea Banishes', where the Edea of all life in a certain area has suddenly completely disappeared. In one of these incidents, Jink, the main character, lost his family, and his homeland was destroyed. As a bounty hunter, he goes off in search of the truth about the Edea Banishes…

RPG 'Rusted Emeth'
Immerse yourself in the story of bounty hunters, who use Golems to track down Bounty Targets, and the friends and allies that they make along the way!

RGP (Rust and Golem Points) are points which can be used to purchase items that will make the quest just a little bit easier, or to strengthen facilities.
It's also possible to gain RGP by handing over Edea Crystals to a trainee Idulima in a certain town.

There are three main types of purchase that can be made with RGP:

At Item Shops:
…You can buy precious recovery items, and equipment with special effects.
※ Purchases made at Item Shops are specific to the saved game data in which they were bought, and cannot be used in other saved games.

At Shell Shops:
…You can buy a wide range of Shells that can be loaded onto Golems.
※ Purchases made at Shell Shops are specific to the saved game data in which they were bought, and cannot be used in other saved games.

At Golem Maintenance Facilities:
…You can upgrade the facilities by adding the ability to restore the HP and BP/IP of Golems in the Golem Dock.
※ Upgrades are shared across data. When you make a purchase, it can be used in all saved games.

Bounty Targets and Requests
At Bounty Centers, which can be found in many locations, you can take on a wide range of Requests, and get information about Bounty Targets which appear in the locality.
By suppressing Bounty Targets and completing Requests, you can gain high rewards. It's a good idea to take on Requests as much as you can!

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