How to Play

Tactical Battles
In battles, you decide your characters' actions each turn. The battles make excellent use of the large screens of smartphones for a powerful, exciting experience.
As the story progresses, the characters engage in many battles with a large number of different enemies.

Enemies come in many shapes and sizes, and there are Occult Arts to deal with them. Some Occult Arts can only attack one square, while others can attack enemies across multiple squares.
Deciding strategically which Occult Art to use against which enemy is an important part of battles.

Moving and Battle Arts

During battles, both allies and enemies can move around their own territory. This tactic is known as 'moving'.
'Moving' makes it easier to avoid an attack from the opposite characters, but your own attack against your enemy also becomes less accurate.
It can be very effective to use 'moving' while paying attention to the special techniques you and your enemies are using.

There is also a class of items known as Battle Arts (BTA). These items can be placed in allied or in enemy territory, and have a wide range of effects.
For example, there are bombs, which explode a number of turns after they are set, and inflict damage on nearby characters. There are also protective stone statues, which, if placed in allied territory, can reduce damage sustained by all allies.

It's a good idea to make use of both 'moving' and Battle Arts, for more technical and strategic battles.

Strengthening Soul Arms!

Soul Arms grow and develop by using Soul Points, which are obtained after battles.
It's up to you how you develop and strengthen your weapons to best match your characters. Will you strengthen 'Attack Strength', which affects physical attacks, or 'Occult Arts Strength', which affects attacks using 'Occult Arts? Or will you improve a weapon's 'Lock' value, which can reduce the decrease in accuracy and power when moving?

Also, by equipping a Soul Arm with an Orb, you become able to use an Occult Art corresponding to that Orb. The choices you make regarding which characters' Soul Arms should be equipped with which Orbs can make a huge difference to your tactics and strategies in battles.
It's a good idea to collect as many different Orbs as you can, and find the best tactics for your characters!

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