Skills get stronger the more you use them! ゲーム画像

There are two types of skills: physical and magic. The more you use a skill in battle, the more its level rises, and the more powerful it becomes.
Fight strong enemies by making use of skills and the individual characteristics of the three tribes:
The Fai Tribe are good all-rounders.
The Ruta Tribe are hardly affected by physical damage, but are weak against magic damage.
The parameters of the Eeth Tribe rise when the members are near death.
Using the Auto-battle function, you can wage battles easily and quickly.

Strong links become strength

As Bine builds deeper links of trust with his allies, it becomes possible to draw out those allies' powerful latent abilities.
As trust increases, the powerful 'Brave Arts' (skills that can be used in battles) become even more powerful. The range of gimmicks in the field and in dungeons that the character at the head of the party can deal with also becomes greater. (For example, the type of rocks that Jade can smash increases.)

Many more elements!

The game features a wide range of achievements and elements. For example...
Customize and adapt weapons to make them stronger!
Plant beans in plant pots at the Farm, and harvest fruits (and sometimes, incredible items)!
Quests and arenas where you can fight strong enemies!

And once you complete the game...!