The Ultimate in Battle Team Tactics!

★Lead up to six characters into battle and level onslaughts of powerful foes with a brand new team system!
★Expanding the usability of the trust gauge, skills called microbursts can now be unleashed for a fraction of the cost!
What is more, microbursts change based on team combination, and thereby greatly expand the tactical playing field!
★Combine team magic into powerful unisons!

An Optimized Rubix & Jewel System!

★The popular rubix and jewel system is back, allowing for better character customization than ever before!
★Inserting buddy jewels into a rubix will also give characters the use of their abilities!

The Most Content in an Asdivine Game to Date!

Not skimping on content, Asdivine Hearts II comes with a host of new features! Below are some of the things players can expect:
★Introducing the Garden, a series of magical plots that can be used for the following:
Planters - Seeds are sown in these, which mature into harvestable fruit.
Portals - Available buddies can be dispatched on jobs through these to earn extra Guild Coins for the party.
Sheds - These create extra space for weapons to be stored in the inventory.
★A new trophy system where rewards are paid out in the form of items, equipment, and jewels!
★Customizable rare weapons that cast aside limitations on tools that slay evil!
★A battle arena specifically for monster trainers and buddies to test their mettle!