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Additional elements


Time for departure
Time for departure
Light grew up in Selka village, and finally realized his dream of joining Holos Over.
As a member of Holos Over, his missions were going will, but while on duty his village was attacked. Light rushed to defend his home, but...

What is a guardian beast…? What are the Dark Tribes…? What will be revealed at journey's end?
Forge strong bonds with your companions and guardian beasts and fight! The royal road RPG “Fantasy Chronicle” is now released!

Coordinated attacks with your companions
You can team up with the companions who travel with you.
Coordinated attacks will grow more effective by strengthening bonds with companions.
The guardian beasts which fight with you become enraged when they are attacked beyond a certain level.
When the guardian beasts become enraged, they employ powerful, deadly techniques.
With these effects, battles are made easier for you.

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