Human male / 16 years old

A good-natured and amicable young man,
who is childhood friends with Allie.
He is able to attack, summon,
and give support in battle using his mastery of magic.

Human female / 17 years old

Skilled with a blade, she is the go-to gal for slaying monsters.
The soul of another being with the opposite personality
and gender also lives inside of her.

Elf male / 85 years old

One could not ask for a better support from an ally,
but for him it is all in the name of science,
and making those around him his test subjects...

Beast male / 21 years old

Living life in the fast lane, he lives for get rich schemes.
Not only is he quick to try to weasel others out of their hard-earned gold,
he is also quick to make his escape if it comes to it.

Dwarf female / 30 years old

Ditzy, and pint-sized for a soldier in the Royal Army,
she has a penchant for small, furry beasts. However,
not to be underestimated, she is capable of hewing down monsters
with a single blow of her mighty axe.