While there are four races that inhabit the world, namely humans, beasts, dwarves, and elves, they are collectively referred to as people.

Scattered around the world, these bear inscriptions about the war between the seraphs and demons as well as knowledge of how to deal with natural disasters and monsters in order for the people to survive.

Long, long ago, the seraphs created the elves, humans, beasts, and dwarves as new races to inhabit the world.

The demons who shared this same world, however, envied the seraphs, and waged war against them to steal their creations.

Being forced to focus their efforts to protect these four races, the seraphs lacked the strength to deal the demons a decisive defeat, and instead managed only to restore peace to the world by sealing them away in another dimension.

After their victory, the seraphs left stone monuments across the world with instructions for the people how to prepare for the day when the seal will be broken by the demons. Then in order to regain their lost powers, they entered into a long slumber.