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Many centuries ago, there occurred a great conflict that rocked the foundation of the world, later becoming to be known as the Energi War...
During this terrible chapter in history, the life energi of people was mercilessly harvested in an effort to create a supreme energy source, but resulted in a catastrophe of epic proportions that killed over 90% of the human race.
Following this tragedy, the then impoverished nations of the world laid down their arms, which led to the ushering in of a generation of peace.
Nevertheless, one man plotting the annihilation of all mankind, and while secretly manipulating the Schwarzschild Emperor to do his bidding, set a massive energi abyss running out of control.
As the energi of countless people and clones was absorbed into it, the size of the pool within the abyss increased, and the eventual end of the human race seemed likely only a matter of time...
However, in the midst of this growing crisis, six valiant heroes appeared to confront it, and without a second thought for their own lives, risked it all, despite some were about to be forced to pay the ultimate price...
After a fateful showdown and at long last, these heroes succeeded in sealing away the unstable energi within the abyss, thereby averting mass worldwide destruction and the end of life as they knew and loved.
As time went on, this event came to be called the Energi Crisis ? it being clearly engraved in the minds of many for decades to come.

And with the energi of the world sealed away, the effects of it as a power source slowly began to fade from the planet with each passing day...
Faced with the new challenge of devising a way to generate sustainable power in the absence of energi, the people of the world came together and cooperated one with another like never before, lending idea to idea until a turning point was reached, which is known today as the
Now, in the year 1272 of the Alphadian calendar, two centuries have passed, and fantastic stories of a world powered by energi have become a mere collection of fairytales told over and over to young children before bedtime.

Yet even in such an era, the gears of history had slowly begun to move in an unexpected direction ? one which would change the course of the world, and one which would not soon be forgotten.

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