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Battles are enacted by selecting various commands from an easy-to-use menu system and develop on a side view-based battlefield and the speed at which characters attack is greatly determined by their agility. Selecting which characters will be used in the party, their position, and for what situation is entirely up to the player, granting greater freedom and diversity. ジェニム

Energi is derived from one of six unique elementals and has the power to not only grow, but lead players to the acquisition of new and more powerful energi skills. These energi skills then, in turn, play an integral role in attack, recovery, and even support. Furthermore, once two separate elementals have reached a certain level, they can be combined to create even more powerful energi skills. ミュー

As the player interacts with various townspeople and key characters in the world of Alphadia II, a series of quests will become available in order to advance the main story along. However, aside from playing the main story is a wealth of subquests that can be used to give the player a break should they desire. The rewards gained from these subquests can then be used to more effectively advance in the main story. バーロック

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