With a battle system so silky smooth, seeing really is believing!
Take on powerful foes, both small and large, with cooperative attacks and dish out enough damage to knock them into last century!
Plus, with various tactics available in the battle settings and a convenient auto function, battles have never been so dynamic!

Racking up damage on enemies with either skills or magic occasionally triggers limit breaks.
When this happens, characters are able to use individual skills that can level the battlefield in a mere instant.
In addition, the Unison system is back and better than ever with cooperative attacks that will blow the roof off preconceived damage caps! So the question is: how high can you go?

Weapons the party comes across during their adventure can be upgraded strength-wise or by adding effects to them.
On the other hand, an easy way to obtain weapons with various effects is by playing Barrel Busters.
With these options at your fingertips, what will be your slaying instrument of choice?