Fight with minions to defeat enemies! ゲーム画像

The key to victory in battles is without doubt the minions!
Which minions with which skills will you register, and which will you summon?
It’s super important to develop the minions to match the stage and the characteristics of the enemies you’re facing, and to fight flexibly, paying attention to the situation!

Turn battles upside-down with the ‘Awaken’ mode!

Press the Awaken button to launch a powerful skill!

This starts a hyper-punishment time, where for a certain period, attack strength and defense strength are both higher than normal!
Skills launched during the Awaken time can be replaced with gems, which have a range of effects.

If you use a powerful gem, you can inflict huge damage in one fell swoop, and you may even be able to turn the course of the battle on its head!

Use Karma for level ups! Use material for stronger weapons!

Karma is gained as a reward in battle. Use this Karma to give Hadjane and the minions more and more level ups!
Which parameter will you prioritize when allocating Karma? Your decision can change your whole strategy!

Just be careful, though: If you forget level ups, you might find yourself in pretty tough battle situations!

Also, by collecting material, you can strengthen the scythes (the weapons), and you can craft gems. Understanding the characteristics of scythes and gems is a sure shortcut to victory in battle!

Extras! Play the Board Game, and customize your room!

If you have special ‘Board Game Tickets’, you can play the Board Game, and get Karma, material, and room items as prizes!

Using the room items (that you can only get from the Board Game) you can decorate Hadjane’s room just as you want to!