In all that that occurs,
and all that has happened,
you find traces of events that are strange and unusual.
Events that occur revolve like the stars,
and their memory miracles that come and go within the circle of life.

Many stories fill this vast world, and amongst the millions of books available,
there is one memorandum left to us by a female mage.
Let us modestly unravel the time that has been
recorded in the memorandum and relive its memories.

The story found within begins here...
What if all became one...
Fury and sorrow, loneliness and anger,
all the wars in the world may disappear.
I cannot even begin to fathom such a wonderful thing.
However, is it such a wonderful thing?
Behind our foolish actions are the thoughts we have for one
another, recognizing each other's [existence].
As time repeats itself, how many times have we denied one's [existence].

We must never forget.
We were all born to exist, and that emotion is above all.
Allow me to speak of this.
That is...

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