After entering your commands, characters will execute actions based on their speed stat.
Attributes, made up of [Focus], [Power], and [Runic] allow you to calculate your attacks on enemies.
Find your opponent's weak spot to gain the upper advantage in battle.
Nirva and Tylt also share the same HP and MP as they share one life between two bodies.
Stat points gained when levelling up can be automatically assigned for Tylt. Put Nirva strategically in the back so he can have a personal shield with a strengthened defense.

Fairy and Nuts
Fairy and Nuts
Tylt can gain various bonuses in battle by eating nuts you can find at mining points found in dungeons.
There are nuts that Tylt likes and don't. Tylt's power changes depending on the nuts.
Tylt's mood also affects some acquired skills.
Tylt will also evolve during your adventures, and an Eng's appearance will change depending on how its parameters and attribute.

You can create or disassemble specific weapons at the Forges in towns and villages.
To create weapons, you must have "recipes" from people and the required materials in your inventory.
You can also get materials by diassembling unncessary weapons.

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