This is a story set in Riktilde, a world where gods still reside…
There were historical tales in those lands passed on from parents to children, and from those children to their children, down through the generations.
Historical tales of how the gods were born, and of a fight between them.
Anyone and everyone was familiar with those tales, known as the Myths of the Grimoas, and with the gods, the Grimoas of the air, earth and water, who featured in the tales…。
The people worshiped the Grimoas, and built statues of them in their towns. Offering prayers to the Grimoas was a natural part of everyday life for them.
However, with the passing of time, the history behind the Myths of the Grimoas slipped from the memory of the people, and the tales became nothing more than fairy stories…
In the end, the time came when everybody knew of the Grimoas and the stories about them, but not everyone believed that they actually existed.
This is a story set in that time, a time when humans have started to forget the existence of the gods. A story of bonds of friendship, between humans and those gods.

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