How to Play

Battles are conducted by choosing commands.
During battles, the damage inflicted by skills and normal attacks varies depending on the distance between the characters and the enemies they are up against.
For example, the further the characters are from the enemies, the less damage they will be able to inflict on the enemies, but the less damage they will be sustain themselves.
It's possible to determine the distance between characters and enemies by the size of the target icons displayed.
You can change the characters' formation at any time, and it's a good idea to make changes depending on the circumstances.

In order to use a skill, it's not enough just to master it.
You can use the skills you have already mastered by 'setting' them.
You can set up to five skills, so long as the total costs of the skills do not exceed the characters' 'cost levels'
In addition, when the Synchro Gauge with the Grimoas reaches 100%, you can use special skills, more powerful than normal!

Grimoa Statues
Grimoa Statues
In the various towns there are Grimoa statues.
When you investigate one of the Grimoa statues having reached a certain stage, you will be able to make offerings and undertake quests.
Use the elements you have collected to make offerings to the statues, or make use of the recipes you will come across at various places on your quest. By doing so, you will be able to make supplies or equipment.
Alternatively, listen to the problems of the people of the town, and undertake quests to solve these problems. When you report to the Grimoa statues that you have completed the quest, you will receive a reward.

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