Adventure across the Skyworld!!!
The land in the sky is falling! Claude is the hero of the story, and together with his partner Ignis, sets out to escort Luna and her party through ancient ruins to look for Artifacts. Rumored to have the power of miracles, it is what they need to avert the crisis the world is facing.

Welcome to the Skyworld of Shelterra!
Immerse yourself into a grand world where rapids flow through seas of clouds and be amazed by three dimensional dungeons.

Shelterra Points (STP)
Shelterra Points (STP) can be used to purchase rare items, accessories, and extra content. STP can be purchased in-app or acquired by defeating the rarely seen [Lantern].
Experience new, untold stories of Shelterra with a dungeon that gets stronger enemies and better rewards each time you enter with an admission ticket and defeat it, as well as a dungeon that tells of another truth that Claude seeks.

Items purchased with STP can either be [shared] across all save data or [restricted] to one save data.

※Some screenshots may differ from the actual game screens.
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