Test your luck by Acquiring skills!
Test your luck by Acquiring skills!
There are times when you may Acquire an enemy's skill after attacking it.
The chances of Acquisition increase with each normal attack. Talk to the informant at inns to find out which enemies have skills that can be Acquired, and plan your battle strategy when you run into a monster that has a skill that you wish to Acquire.
The Shelterra Points Shop also offers items that increase your chance of Acquisition drastically, and other items that let you transfer skills between characters.

Fight alongside Artifacts!
Summoned Artifacts act automatically in battle unlike Claude and the others.
As the main characters take their turns, they build up Artifact Points (AP), which are used by Artifacts to perform actions in battle. When AP reaches 0, that Artifact will return to its quartz form.
You can change an Artifact's [Strategy] to control its actions in battle.
Change strategies according to the situation and fight with Artifacts effectively!

Power up with Augments
Find [Augments] during your adventures and equip them to Artifacts to activate their powers.
Augments will grant their users certain skills, and also affect the Artifacts' parameters and resistances.
These power ups will also affect the chances of Acquiring skills, so change your set up depending on the situation.

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