The Fight of the Valkyrie

In a world devastated by the events of Ragnarok, two unlikely champions will rise to oppose the forces of evil.
Huginn, familiar to the fallen god Odin, seeks to resurrect his master. To do so he frees Reginleiv, an infamous and powerful Valkyrie imprisoned for heinous crimes against Asgard.
Together, they will battle to bring order and peace to a broken land.

With beautiful, smooth animations, addicting, deep strategy, and a myriad of monsters to collect, Valkyria Soul is an innovative RPG that will keep you coming back for more!

What really happened during Ragnarok?
What dark forces stir in this ravaged land? Will you be able to unravel the intricate web of lies and mystery and discover the truth?

Gather a Powerful Army and Lead Them to Battle!

A Valkyrie's strength comes from her power to manipulate the Souls, or spirits, of others.
By taking a Soul and binding it to a soulless physical vessel (or Fylgja), they can create loyal minions and command them against the forces of darkness.
Earn new Fylgja through combat, turning your enemies into your friends!
Master the use of both Souls and Fylgja to create your own unique, unstoppable team!
Then, take them online and compete against other players in gripping multiplayer battles!

Valkyria Soul Points (VSP)

Valkyria Soul Points (VSP) can be used to purchase items that will help you enjoy this game even more.
VSP can be obtained by defeating a specific number of enemies, filling up your Gem with holy power, and tapping it.
*VSP is shared across all save data files, however any purchases made with VSP only apply to the save file they were made on.

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