Exciting Automatic Battles
Field up to three Fylgja in battles against the monsters infesting the Nine Worlds.
Battles are fought automatically, with Fylgja intelligently using player-customized sets of skills once the required SP is available.
However, manual control is also possible using a simple touch system.
In addition Reginleiv acts as your commander, allowing you to change tactics, use items, and otherwise support your team.
Note that for online matches and in the in-game arenas Reginleiv will not participate, making victory purely a matter of strategy and strength.


Each Soul that you will find has its own unique personality, abilities, and skills.
Attaching it to a Fylgja will affect not just how that Fylgja behaves in combat, but its stats and abilities as well.

Each Soul can have a maximum of three active skills and three items equipped at any given time.
In addition to the Soul's skills, each Fylgja has a unique skill that it can use in combat.
Souls can learn these Fylgja skills, allowing any Fylgja Soul bound to it to make use of these powerful techniques.


Enhance and Transform Your Fylgja

Fylgja obtained through battle can gain levels through fighting, or by combining them with other Fylgja.
Once they reach their maximum level, they can be transformed into new, even more powerful monsters by combining them with certain other Fylgja. Once transformed, their level will return to one, however their stats and abilities will receive a huge boost.
Enhance and transform your Fylgja to create an undefeatable team of powerful servants!

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