The Kingdom of Ranverfurt, a country of the canine tribe, Hundians
and the Republic of Hidiq, a nation of the feline tribe, Felis.

It has already been a decade since the war started between
these two nations as neither side is able to put an end to it.

The hatred between the two peoples is such deep
as if it was imprinted in their memories...
Kingdom of Ranverfurt Kingdom of Ranverfurt
Republic of Hidiq Republic of Hidiq
Kingdom of Ranverfurt ''Kingdom of Ranverfurt' Story

Main Character: Felix Arens

A young platoon leader assigned to Mauer Base after graduating from military academy.

On his first mission, he is given the task of exterminating the bandits that appear along a nearby highway...

A story about how he overcomes numerous missions and trials with his comrades, and grows as a soldier.

Republic of Hidiq 'Republic of Hidiq' Story

Main Character: Shaimaa Jerbi

The only daughter of the Jerbi clan, a prominent clan in the Republic of Hidiq.

She goes out on her own to exterminate bandits with her childhood friend Nisrine.
When she arrives at the scene, there is an unexpected enemy...

A story of how she grows up as the daughter of the lord of a territory, through tough battles and in the face of conflict with her strict father, who is known as the Swordmaster.