Groundbreaking Visual Quality!
Using the latest in visual expression capabilities for smartphones, the world of Asdivine has been rendered with stunning detail.
From meandering clouds to lapping waves, sparkling magic to slithering creatures, and even dynamic skill effects, Asdivine Hearts breaks new ground in 2D turn-based RPGs!

Can Love and Saving the World Go Hand-in-Hand?

Along for the ride is Stella, who just cannot seem to tame her emotions; the mysterious yet obsessively-compulsive Uriel; the imposing but shortcoming-laden high priestess, Celine; and Felix the self-proclaimed Light Deity who mistakenly possessed the body of a cat. Though at times their relationship is strained, it is not long before they come together and focus their efforts on the same goal. That is, if their personal feelings for Zack don't get in the way.. Now not only the world hangs in the balance, but who Zack will eventually end up with, too!

Asdivine Hearts Points (AHP)

Asdivine Hearts Points (AHP) can be used to get rare items such as Seeds to strengthen your characters. You can also get items to unlock special dungeons where characters' past memories are revealed after finishing the main story.
AHP can be obtained through in-app purchase or by defeating "Boulder" enemies during battles.
※While in-app-purchase requires additional fees, it is not necessary for finishing the game.

※Some screenshots may differ from the actual game screens.