High-Octane Battles!
Powerful bosses go without saying, but even in normal battles monster variants, including leaders with enhanced abilities have been thrown into the mix making for greater diversity and the need to hold nothing back!

Fill the skill gauge and let weapons fly; no damage can ever be enough! Use consecutive hits and overkills to up the rewards and turn the tide of battle by triggering limit breaks! Plus, with formations and trust charges thrown into the mix, RPG battles have never been so intense!!

So how far can you level up and how much damage can you dish out? Unlimited potential for growth awaits!


Set a myriad of jewels into a rubik's like puzzle pieces and increase parameters. The sky is the limit with more customizable options leaving each character's appearance for the player to decide!!

Over the course of the game, subquests are abundant and filled with rare items, of which many are obtainable through difficult fighting to achieve Guild Coins at the battle arena. Next are Asdivine Hearts Points (AHP), used for in-game transactions, which can be mined from boulders using a Pickaxe. Additionally, if the party is lucky enough to obtain fossils, they can strike a deal with a local fossil collector for some very worthwhile artifacts!

There is even rumor of a mysterious woman holding a challenge to see just how much damage the party can really dish out.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg!

※Some screenshots may differ from the actual game screens.